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Christian Zionists, Jews and Israel

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Can a Christian be a Zionist?

The word "Zion" comes from the Bible. It is mentioned 159 times. It basically refers to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem as the political and spiritual home of the Jewish people. Although the word  "Zion"  has traditionally been understood, as it applies to the Jewish people, this word is now being associated with Christians.

Christian Zionists give millions of dollars every year to help tens of thousands of Jews make aliyah from the former Soviet Union. They feed thousands of the poor every month in Israel. They sponsor tours of thousands of pilgrims each year to Israel. They stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and speak out against anti-Semitism. They are even represented in the Knesset in Israel. 

But who or what is a Christian Zionist? In this publication, Dr. Richard Booker explains the following in clear easy-to-understand language.

What is a Christian Zionist?
How can a Christian be a Zionist?
What do Christian Zionists Believe?
What is the work of Christian Zionists?
Leading Christian Zionist Organizations
Christian Zionists and the Jewish people
Christian Zionists and Israel.
A New Era in Jewish and Christian Relations 

21 Pages (5.5 in x 8.5 in) 

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