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Who Killed Jesus - Audio CD

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Who Killed Jesus

Dr. Richard Booker

In the fourth century of our era Constantine changed the dates to remember Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection from Passover and Firstfruits to dates more acceptable to the Romans. We notice this year that the traditional Christian Good Friday and Easter Sunday are a month apart from the biblical dates of Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits. 

Something is amiss!

Constantine also separated the emerging Christianity from its biblical Hebraic roots and blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus. From that time until today, the Christian church has used this false teaching to persecute the Jews, all in the name of the Lord. Christian leaders still blame the Jews for the death of Jesus and preach this from their pulpits, especially during the season of Easter/Passover. "The Jews" as a company of people did not kill Jesus. 

Listen as Dr. Booker answers the question, "Who Killed Jesus?"

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