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What is a Biblical Christian Zionist

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Dec 2006

What is a Biblical Christian Zionist?

Dr. Richard Booker

There is a word we see in the news media these days that has not been part of the average Americans vocabulary. It doesn't come up when discussing sports, politics, economics, religion, social issues, jobs, money, sex, the movies, death and taxes, etc.

Yet this unfamiliar word is becoming more and more recognized by the American people. This word, which incites powerful emotions, has somewhat of a foreign sound and old-world connotation.


An old word that has traditionally been applied to Jews is now also being associated with Christians.It is an unfamiliar word with the American public but is now finding its way into the American press almost daily.It is the word, "Zionist" which is now being associated with Christians.


In the foreword to his outstanding book, You Don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, Eliyau Tal writes, "It is strange but true that the idea of establishing in Palestine a Jewish state with Jerusalem as it capital was first conceived by non-Jews, centuries before Herzl and Balfour. It simmered in the minds and inspired the imagination of devout Christians, but could only be generated after Gutenberg's press (1456). The Promised Land & the Jews" As the first printed book was the Bible, "The Promised Land" and "The Chosen People" became household words in every church and home." Tal continues, " When the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Palestine, began to disintegrate in the 19th century, geopolitical considerations were added to the undertaking. This included clergymen, theologians, statesmen and poets, already classified as Christian Zionists. "Christian Zionists & the Jews"." 

Nowadays when our elementary, historic and religious rights to the Land and the City - even the sanctity of the Western Wall - are questioned by Muslims, the forthright and uncompromising statements of so many Christian Zionists are all the more important and significant. "The fact that the exponents of our case are not Jews, but outspoken Christian leaders, adds further weight and credence to it."

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