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What Everyone Needs to Know About God - BOOK & STUDY GUIDE Bundle

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What Everyone Needs to Know About God
Your Complete Guide to Knowing and Understanding God

What you believe about God affects how you live your life as well as your eternal destiny. This being so, What Everyone Needs to Know About God could be the most important book, other than the Bible, you will ever read. Written in "reader-friendly" language for practical living, this book presents the nature and character of the one true God and how you can know Him more personally in your everyday life. 

Study questions are included.

"Richard Booker is to be commended for putting, together those Scriptures that teach about God and for presenting us a composite and easily understood picture of Him in this one volume. Reading this book will enrich and deepen your life because it will give you a complete portrait of your heavenly Father." From the Foreword by Tim LaHaye

185 Pages

The Study Guide is organized according to the chapters in the book for easy use. It is a self-study with questions and space provided for you to write your personal reflections and insights. There are key Scriptures included for further meditation. Using the Study Guide along with your Bible and book helps internalize the material so that it comes alive in you. The Study Guide can be used by individuals or in a study group to help facilitate group discussions.

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