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The United States of Islam DVD

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Erev Shabbat Message
Sep 2006

One Nation Under Allah?

Dr. Richard Booker

Islam is no longer the desert religion of the Middle East. Its tentacles have reached around the globe in an effort to achieve world domination through territorial conquest and the complete submission of all people to Allah.

The modern revival of Islam, fueled by unrestrained nationalistic fervor, has become the most powerful and dangerous force in our world. Yet, few Americans are aware of how Islam has secretly infiltrated every area of American society, and at the very highest levels.

Do You Know Radical Muslims have penetrated the U.S. military, the FBI, the Homeland Security Department, and even the White House. Radical Muslims have infiltrated the chaplains programs in the federal and state prison systems a top breeding ground for al-Quaida.

Radical Muslims are hard at work Islamizing our political system and the business workplace. Radical Muslims are really "mainstream" Muslims putting their faith and teachings from the Koran into practice.Why President Bush called Islam a "peaceful religion?" 

But wait there is more! 

Please join us as Dr. Booker exposes the agenda and methods of radical Muslims to Islamize America and replace our Constitution with the Koran. Radical Islam, America and Christianity Radical Islamic terrorists hold extreme anti-Semitic and anti-Christian views. They despise America and the West because of their deep, abiding resentment of America's religious freedom, political plurality, equality of the sexes, and America's economic superiority. 

They feel this puts them in an unacceptable position of inferiority, which they seek to change by violence. But more importantly, Islamic fundamentalists hate the God of the Jews and the Christians. This is a spiritual war for the soul of the West, including your children and grandchildren. This is why militant Palestinian Arabs chant, "Today we fight the Saturday people (Jews), tomorrow the Sunday people (Christians)." The fight against the Saturday people has been going on for decades in Israel. The fight against the Sunday people was revealed to the whole world on September 11, 2001.

What Islamic Fundamentalist Want

The goal of Islamic fundamentalists is to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, heritage and Constitution and replace it with Islam and the Koran with an American Muslim as President of the U.S. Our politically correct leaders are doing everything they can, unwittingly, to facilitate this goal. 

We must awake to this threat in our country

As one Islamic religious leader said to a Christian leader, "Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you." 

Contents of United States of Islam? 
  • Opens with blowing of the Shofar by Randy Spencer
  • Lighing of the Shabbat candles by Peggy Booker
  • Worship by the IHCS worship team
  • Teaching by Dr. Richard Booker
  • More worship by the IHCS worship team
  • 95 min

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