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The Threshold Covenant - Audio CD

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Audio CD
Erev Shabbat Message
April 2007

The Threshold Covenant
The Threshold of Life

Dr. Richard Booker

There are many powerful concepts in the Bible that have been lost to us because of cultural differences in Bible times and our times. The Threshold Covenant was one of the most important and powerful customs and practices of people in Bible times.

It was the fountain from which flowed their most sacred relationships and issues of life. An understanding of the Threshold Covenant will greatly enrich our understanding of the Bible, the God of the Bible, our walk with God and our relationship with people.

The threshold was the primitive family altar where sacrifices were made to the family deity. When guests arrived they had a blood welcome at the door. 


When God delivered the Hebrews from Egypt, Moses told the people to dip the blood of the lamb into the basin. The Hebrew word for basin is "saf"  which means "threshold." 

The threshold was the entrance to the door. Translating "saf" into English as basin can cause us to miss the core concept of the story. The Hebrews were to dip the blood in the threshold, on the two side posts of the door and over the door.

Basin or Threshold 
  • So What's the Difference?
  • Why would God have the Hebrews dip the blood in the basin?
  • Why didn't He choose some other method of deliverance?
  • What did this mean to them, if anything?
  • Was this a custom they understood or was God giving them a new and strange ceremony?

A study of the earliest historic records of the human race, plus surviving customs in the East and Middle East, indicates that man's earliest most primitive altar to the One True God, as well as false gods, was the threshold or entrance way into the home. The threshold altar was for the purpose of requesting protection from the family deity as well as inviting the deity into the home.

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