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The Mahdi, Missles and the Messiah CD

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Feb 2009

Islam's Hidden Messiah

Ron Cantrell

A little known Islamic messianic figure is "the Mahdi." Muslims expect the Mahdi, their messiah, to come out of hiding and bring Islamic rule to the world.


Who is the Mahdi? 
What can we expect when he reveals himself?
What happened in the past when someone claiming to be the Mahdi arose?
What is the Mahdi's relationship to Jesus?

About Ron Cantrell

Ron and his wife, Carol, have been friends with the Booker's for over 20 years. Ron has been actively involved in ministry as a Christian Zionist for more than 33 years. He resided in Jerusalem for more than 17 years where he served as a photojournalist with Bridges for Peace. While standing near a city bus in Jerusalem, Ron was injured from flying shrapnel from a suicide bomb.

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