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The Lamb and the Seven-Sealed Scroll - Book 2 - BOOK & STUDY GUIDE Bundle

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The Lamb and the Seven-Sealed Scroll - Book 2 - Understanding the Book of Revelation Series

This seven-sealed scroll is God's revelation of the events of the end times. Dr. Booker boldly challenges some traditional theology and provides biblical and modern-day support for his beliefs.

This verse-by-verse study teaches:

How to read Revelation within the context of its biblical, Hebraic roots.
The historical, spiritual, archeological, and geographic backgrounds of the seven churches.
How to read the literary style of the apocalyptic writings of John's time.
The influence of Greek mythology and Roman imperial cult worship are a background to understanding the Book of Revelation.
The connection between the context of the Book of Revelation and our world today.

PLUS: The Lamb and the Seven-Sealed Scroll - Study Guide
The Study Guide is designed to be used with your text book and your Bible. It is formatted with space provided for you to write your notes from the information you are reading in the text and the verses you are reading. There is also space for you to write a summary of what you have learned and a life application. When you have completed the Study Guide you will have a clear and well-organized presentation you can use to teach others.

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