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The Church in Bible Prophecy - Audio CD

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Audio CD
Erev Shabbat Message
Feb 2008

The Church in Bible Prophecy

Dr. Richard Booker

Most Bible-believing Christians believe that we are living in the end times. We see that Bible prophesies about Israel are being fulfilled before our very eyes. Since Israel is God's prophetic clock, most of our attention and teaching on Bible prophecy focuses on Israel and the Jews. 

But what about the Church? 
The Church in Bible Prophecy
Where is the role of the Church in Bible prophecy?
Does God have a separate plan for Israel and the Church or do we share the same destiny?Has the Church replaced Israel in God's prophetic plan? 
Does God have an earthly people - Israel and a heavenly people - the Church?
Is the Church too heavenly to be any earthly good?
The Church in Bible Prophecy 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Church?" For most of the world, even Christians, the word "Church" is the name of a religious institution of Christianity.

For example, the world speaks of the Catholic Church, or the Protestant Church, the Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Pentecostal Church, Charismatic Church, Bible Church, Church of Scotland, Anglican Church, Episcopal Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Egyptian Coptic Church, Armenian Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, the local Church, etc.  

There are thousands of denominational groups called "the Church." No wonder people are confused. With all due respect, and no offense intended, these are organized representatives of the Christian religion. But they, in themselves, are not "the Church." The true Church can be found in these institutions but the institutions are not the church. 

When we talk about the Church in Bible prophecy, we are not talking about the religious institutions of Christianity. So what are we talking about? What is "the Church?" At this Erev Shabbat we will learn the true meaning of  "the Church"  and its role in Bible prophecy.

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