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Role of Women in the Early Church DVD

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Video DVD
Erev Shabbat Message

Role of Women in the Early Church

Dwight Pryor

Women in the New Testament Scriptures played a vital role in the life of the early church. While there are obvious natural differences between men and women, the role of women was and is just as important as men in spiritual work. We learn in the New Testament that women served in many ministry roles that have not been open to them in the Western Church. 

Join Dwight Pryor as he share insights from the culture of the New Testament regarding the role of women in the early church.

Contents of Video DVD include
  • Lighting of Shabbat Candles 
  • Blowing the Shofar
  • Worship with Dancing and Banners
  • IHCS Dance Team Special Presentation
  • Dwight Pryor Teaching
  • Worship
  • 81 min

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