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Passover 2000 Behold the Lamb DVD

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Video DVD
Erev Shabbat Message
Apr 2000

Behold the Lamb

Dr. Richard Booker

When the Lord called the Hebrews out of Egypt, He delivered them through the blood of the Passover lamb. God then told the people to keep the Feast of Passover as an everlasting memorial to their deliverance from Egypt. But there was more to this feast than just sacrificing a lamb. It pointed to the time when Jesus would die as the human Passover lamb. Jesus was crucified, buried and raised from the death during the exact days and times of Passover.

Join Dr. Richard Booker as he explains this exciting connection between the Passover of Exodus and the Passover of Jesus.

Contents of Video DVD include
  • Lighting of Shabbat Candles
  • Blowing the Shofar
  • IHCS Dance Team
  • Worship and Dancing
  • Special Dramatic Presentation
  • Dr. Booker Teaching
  • 67 min

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