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Kissers or Clingers DVD

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Video DVD
Erev Shabbat Message
May 2005

Kissers or Clingers
The Romance of Redemption

Dr. Richard Booker

When our merciful and loving God of the First Testament gave the Torah to the Hebrews, He established a means for the less fortunate to be redeemed from their hopeless circumstances. This involved finding a near-kinsman who could reclaim lost property, set a captive free, and even marry a widow to give her a name and a better life. In order to exercise his obligation to redeem, the near-kinsman had to meet certain requirements. And so did the person being redeemed.

The Lord most clearly revealed this story to us in the book of Ruth. It is the story of the Romance of Redemption. Two sisters were candidates for an incredible blessing that awaited them in the Promised Land. But only one received the promise. Learn which one and why!

Contents of Kissers and Clingers
  • Opens with blowing of the Shofar by Randy Spencer
  • Lighting of the Shabbat candles by Peggy Booker
  • Worship by the IHCS worship team
  • Special dance presentaion by Rose-Marie Loina-Lamas and the IHCS Dance Team
  • Graduation of IHCS Graduates
  • Teaching by Dr. Richard Booker
  • 98 min

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