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Islam, Christianity and Israel

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What you need to know about Islam, Christianity and Israel that they won't tell you on the nightly news! The modern revival of Islam, fueled by unrestrained nationalistic fervor, has become the most powerful and dangerous force in the world. Yet, many believe the agreement between Israel and the PLO will bring peace and an end to ancient hostilities. In this publication, best selling author and Bible teacher, Dr. Richard Booker presents a clear overview of the following timely subjects. 
  • Startling facts about the Islamic fundamentalist revival threatening the world.
  • Shocking information about the life and revelations of Mohammed. 
  • The background, teachings, and practices of Islam. 
  • How Islam differs from Christianity. 
  • The Origin of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, and how the conflict will end. 

Dr. Booker reveals shocking information about the life of Mohammed, startling facts about the background, teachings and practices of Islam, and how Islam differs from Christianity and is threatening America. Richard explains the difference in the God of the Bible and Allah.

31 Pages (5.5 in x 8.5 in)

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