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Discovering the Miracle of the Scarlet Thread in Every Book of the Bible - BOOK & STUDY GUIDE Bundle

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Discovering the Miracle of the Scarlet Thread 
in Every Book of the Bible

YES! You can understand the Bible!

Finally there is a book that truly takes the mystery and confusion out of the Bible and makes God's Word come alive with new insights and a fresh excitement that will have you searching for more. Dr. Richard Booker unveils the mysteries and secrets of the Bible by explaining its master theme, and then reveals a simple plan so you can discover God's personal revelation for yourself. 


Exciting biblical background. An interesting survey of each book in the Bible.Each book's master theme. Practical principles, forms, and guidelines for your own life-enriching Bible study. The sometimes hard-to-understand teachings of Jesus in their original culture and context come alive and become real through "Discovering the Miracle of the Scarlet Thread". 

Then Jesus began to explain everything which had been written in the Scriptures about Him. Jesus started with the books of Moses and then He talked about what the prophets had written about Him (LUKE 24:27 PEB)

This book about the Bible will change the way you think about His Word-His life-changing and eternal Word.

Study Guide:
The Study Guide is organized according to the chapters in the book for easy use. It is a self-study with questions and space provided for you to write your personal reflections and insights. There are key Scriptures included for further meditation. Using the Study Guide along with your Bible and book helps internalize the material so that it comes alive in you. The Study Guide can be used by individuals or in a study group to help facilitate group discussions.

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