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Video DVD
Erev Shabbat Message
May 2006

The Covenant Meal of Life

Dr. Richard Booker

Communion is such a beautiful word. When we hear this word we think of an intimate sharing with the Lord or with one another. The word can be broken down as common union. What does this mean? It means a sharing of life. There is a divine and human element. There is a sharing of life between the Creator and his human creation and there is a sharing of life between people. Most of us long for such a relationship with God and with each other. However, since we humans have so many failings and weaknesses, we seldom experience the fullest blessing of communion with God and between ourselves. When believers partake of the Covenant Meal there should be an exchange of our human weaknesses with God's divine nature. We should receive a miracle when we partake of the Covenant Meal. Join us this month as Dr. Booker explains Communion-the Covenant Meal of Life. Come with a pure heart and expect God to do something extraordinary in your life.

Contents of Communion The Covenant Meal of Life 
  • Opens with blowing of the Shofar
  • Lighting of the Shabbat candles by Peggy Booker
  • Worship by the IHCS worship team
  • Special Music by Kay Fisher
  • Special dance presentaion by Leslie Allison
  • Teaching by Dr. Richard Booker
  • Communion and worship by the IHCS worship team
  • 118 min

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