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Christian Zionism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Christian Zionism And the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Zion and Zionists are words that technically relate to Jews. But to the surprise of many, these words are now being associated with Christians. There are millions of Christian Zionists who have a fervent, unwavering love for Israel and the Jewish people.Because of their strong convictions and large numbers, Christian Zionists are making the news and sharing their views to an ever-widening audience. They are destined to play a major role in their support for Israel regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

But what and who are Christian Zionists? 

Part 1 - Christian Zionism Dr. Richard Booker explains:

The meaning of Zion and Zionism 
Different views of Zionism 
Reasons why Christian Zionists support Israel
The work of Christian Zionists around the world

Part 2 - Myths and Facts Dr. Booker exposes some of the more commonly held Arab myths such as:

The myth of Palestine
The myth of Al Quds 
The myth that Jews stole Arab land 
The myth of Arab refugees 
The myth of occupied Arab East Jerusalem 
The myth of the West Bank 
The myth of Yasser Arafat

8.5 x 11 Manual 
108 Pages

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