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Blow the Trumpet in Zion - BOOK & STUDY GUIDE Bundle

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Blow the Trumpet in Zion
What You Need To Know About God, The Jewish People And Israel.

This book tells the dramatic story of God’s Covenant plan for Israel as it is recorded in the Bible and revealed in history. It includes a fascinating survey of the entire history of the Jewish people including their past glory and    suffering, present crisis and future hope.

Blow the Trumpet in Zion is one of the most complete books on the Jewish people on the market today! Subjects discussed are: Why God chose the Jews, God’s Covenant with Abraham, God’s Plan for Israel, The Coming War with Russia, The End Times, The Coming of the Messiah, Why Christians Should Love Jews, How to Recognize the Jewish Messiah.

Study Guide:
The Study Guide is organized according to the chapters in the book for easy use. It is a self-study with questions and space provided for you to write your personal reflections and insights. There are key Scriptures included for further meditation. Using the Study Guide along with your Bible and book helps internalize the material so that it comes alive in you. The Study Guide can be used by individuals or in a study group to help facilitate group discussions.

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